Today: Public Transit Meeting

If staying mobile is a concern of yours, you’ll want to be sure to attend a local transit open house in the Navasota Center this afternoon. The Brazos Valley Council of Governments Transportation Planner Travis Halm tells Navasota News, public transit rider’s input is critical to making these … [Read More...]

Bad Batches of Blue Bell Get Tossed

As the weather begins to warm, and thoughts turn towards ice cream, it’s important to know that so long as you buy your blue bell at the market, the local creamery’s recall, due to a batch that was found to have turned sour late last month (03/22), won’t affect you. Bluebell’s Joe Robertson tells … [Read More...]

Kevin Brady Says Death to Death Tax

Grimes County Congressman Kevin Brady is working to repeal the estate tax, also known as the death tax, which should be of interest to you if you have land, property or a business. During a recent meeting of the House of Ways and Means Committee, Brady told two tales of woe about land owners. One had to repeatedly pay … [Read More...]

Helping Navasota’s Homeless Pets

Who doesn’t love puppies and kittens? But what happens to all the unwanted ones. The Navasota Animal Shelter is asking for your help with donations to provide for these homeless pets in need. Navasota police department’s Lt. Justin Leeth says, if … [Read More...]

The Circus Comes to Town

Grimes County is being visited by a talented traveling troupe tomorrow. And while they are artists in their own right, you’ll have to see their works for yourself as the family fun circus pitches it’s tent in Navasota. The circus’s Racheal Astrada … [Read More...]