Grimes County Growing Pains

Residents of the County of Grimes will face several growth-related challenges next year, and it looks like the new County Judge has already begun the battle. County Judge-Elect Ben Leman reported to County Commissioners last week the deadline for public comment on plans to construct a high speed … [Read More...]

NISD Celebrates Your Kids Success

Your kids are getting encouragement from the Navasota ISD’s Facebook page, as graduation gets closer day by day, college acceptances are getting more recognition. NISD’s Ronnie Gonzales tells Navasota News, this has also been encouraging other students to apply to different colleges, with a … [Read More...]

Centerpoint’s Proposal Has Grimes Residents in Uproar

A lot of Grimes County residents are angry at Centerpoint energy’s proposed plans for a transmission line connecting Gibbons Creek in northern Grimes to Harris County. During last week’s public meeting at the Expo Center, potential Houston escapee Sharon Lea complained she wants to move to Grimes, but doesn’t think can … [Read More...]

Navasota Online Presence is Growing

The City has made it easier for Navasota residents to get city information and promote local businesses by expanding its online presence with, City Marketing Manager Corey Johnson tells Navasota News, they’ve also overhauled the … [Read More...]

Dry Winter May Bring Back Drought

Everyone in the County of Grimes is pleased with our recent several inches of showers of blessing. But with almost 5 years of state wide drought, scientists warn that, even our last few wet months won’t be enough to keep a dry winter away.  But we … [Read More...]