Taxes Grow With County Growth

One of the downsides in Grimes County’s recent growth is the increase in property taxes as property values increase, as many found out as the County Appraisal District’s notices arrived in early May. Chief Appraiser Bill Sullivan tells Navasota News, there has been a building interest in small … [Read More...]

Transmission Line Opposition To Lawyer-Up

Lawyers, transmission lines and money. That’s on the mind of many Grimes County residents, as the fight against Centerpoint Energy continues, albeit quietly. But the Concerned Citizen’s Property Owner Alliance’s Nancy Perry wants to turn up the volume this week by making a critical decision; … [Read More...]

NISD School Board Gets Clean Sweep

An impressive number of Navasota voters showed their disdain for the current school board last weekend, soundly voting both incumbents out of office. Grimes County Election Administrator Rebecca Duff reports Greg Mock won the trustee six position with nearly 60 percent of the vote, followed by Mark McGinty, and incumbent … [Read More...]

Navasota Council Considers New Recycling

Navasota City Council gave tentative approval in it April 17th session to a brand new type of recycling facility here, called an anaerobic digester. Eco Fuels Jeff Floyd told council they came here because the B/CS, Navasota and Brenham area is … [Read More...]

Citizens Rally Against High Speed Rail

Around a hundred and fifty concerned residents gathered at the Expo Center Last week, April 28th to hear from a number of community leaders, united in their opposition to the high speed rail project proposed to be built through the county of … [Read More...]