West End’s 1st Humanitarian Day

  The owner of Navasota’s West End Grocery is tag-teaming with Houston’s House of Charity, to help change the lives of some needy local folks with Humanitarian day. Sid Waqif tells Navasota News the school bags will hopefully inspire, kids through the 6th grade to strive for academic … [Read More...]

A Warm Pair of Socks Goes a Long Way

The Millers Insurance Agency is once again taking part in a nation-wide sock drive called Socks for Seniors. The agency’s Burt Miller tells Navasota News, there is a great need for warm footwear for the elderly in Grimes County, and this drive is a way for residents to help keep the cold out, one … [Read More...]

Keep the Cold Out for Kids

In The Good Book, Jesus commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves. And St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is praying you’ll remember that, as it’s coats for kids program returns. The church’s Kathleen Dimmel tells Navasota News, since recent weather is mirroring its first coat drive. The church is already up and duking it … [Read More...]

Grimes County Growing Pains

Residents of the County of Grimes will face several growth-related challenges next year, and it looks like the new County Judge has already begun the battle. County Judge-Elect Ben Leman reported to County Commissioners last week the deadline for … [Read More...]

NISD Celebrates Your Kids Success

Your kids are getting encouragement from the Navasota ISD’s Facebook page, as graduation gets closer day by day, college acceptances are getting more recognition. NISD’s Ronnie Gonzales tells Navasota News, this has also been encouraging other … [Read More...]